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Matrix Backboard

Matrix Backboard

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Matrix Backboard

Elevate your training with the Matrix Backboard, a streamlined and powerful setup designed for versatile, space-efficient workouts. This kit includes essential components to transform your training space into a dynamic exercise area, perfect for all your strength and mobility needs.

Included Components:

  • BoxMatrix Backboard: A durable, wall-mounted backboard that serves as the foundation for your Matrix Backboard setup. This backboard ensures a stable and secure base for all your training attachments.
  • 6 Brackets: These sturdy brackets attach to the backboard, providing reliable anchor points for various training exercises. Easily adjustable, they allow you to customize your setup to fit different training routines.
  • Wall Bands: Three pairs of high-quality resistance bands (10 lbs, 20 lbs, and 30 lbs) designed for versatile and progressive training. These bands enable a wide range of exercises, targeting all major muscle groups and allowing you to adjust resistance as you progress.

Why Choose the Matrix Backboard?

  • Space-Efficient Design: The wall-mounted backboard and compact components ensure that you can set up an effective training space even in limited areas. Ideal for home gyms or small training studios.
  • Versatile Training Options: The combination of backboard, brackets, and wall bands offers endless possibilities for strength, mobility, and flexibility training.
  • Progressive Resistance: With multiple resistance band options, you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of your training sessions, making it suitable for all levels.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to last, the backboard and brackets provide a solid foundation for your training, ensuring safety and stability during your workouts.

Transform Your Training

The Matrix Backboard is a complete training system designed to help you achieve your strength and mobility goals. Whether you're aiming to build muscle, enhance flexibility, or improve overall performance, this kit provides the tools you need for effective and dynamic workouts.

Order Now

Experience the Matrix Backboard and take your training to the next level. Pre-order now to secure your kit before the official launch. Limited quantities are available, so don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your training space.

Note: This is a preorder item and will be made available at a later date. Boxes are not included.

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