Are You Eligible for Marr Strength Training Memberships?

At Marr Strength, we are dedicated to providing a focused and safe training environment for athletes seeking to enhance their performance. To ensure our members' optimal experience and safety, we have established specific eligibility criteria for our training memberships.


Our training memberships are available for athletes aged 13 years and above. The training environment and program at Marr Strength require a level of focus and commitment that is best suited for individuals in this age group. This restriction is in place to mitigate the risk of injuries and to ensure that every athlete receives the attention and guidance they need to excel in their training. If an athlete is under 13 years old, they are perfect candidates for our upcoming summer training camp!


The Marr Strength training program involves specialized techniques and complex exercises that require a high level of attention. Younger individuals may need more physical maturity or mental focus to benefit fully from our program. By restricting memberships to those aged 13 and above, we can maintain a high standard of safety and effectiveness in our training sessions.


If your child is younger than 13 years old, don't worry! Marr Strength is committed to fostering all age groups. We will soon be hosting Youth Camps explicitly tailored for younger athletes. These camps will provide a fun and engaging introduction to athletic training, promoting healthy habits, skills, and tools to prevent injuries as they age.