Unleashing Athletic Excellence: Inside the Marr Strength Training Program

Unleashing Athletic Excellence: Inside the Marr Strength Training Program


From training for college football to Marine boot camp to conditioning for pulling high-G’s in the F/A-18 Hornet U.S. Navy Fighter, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Cross-fit, Marr Strength’s research and meticulously designed training regimen has produced the best results in all my years of training. Different routines for every workout produce a synergy and fluidity of the targeted muscle groups that need to be experienced to be appreciated and understood. Each routine is injury risk-free and designed to translate to the field of competition or your training and conditioning goals.

Who am I? A 60-something retired Navy F/A-18 pilot with 4700 hours in high-performance jets, 485 carrier landings, and a tour at the

Navy Fighter Weapons School, more popularly known as TOPGUN.

The high volume, intense 5-12 movement routines, usually broken down into clusters, done for 5-7 cycles of 10-12 reps each— 500-600 total reps, generates what Chad calls “Pathways.” His studies and comprehensive, never-ending research into kinesiology, the central nervous system, and the interactions and synergy among complimentary muscle groups are the foundation for the workout designs. As Chad will tell you, “No muscle works in isolation”; every one of them (27in the hip/ pelvic complex alone) must be recruited, activated, and fired at full strength. One or two “slackers” not firing at total capacity will create imbalances and uneven distribution of loads, leading to sub-optimal performance at best and injuries at worst. If you’re wondering why you keep getting injured or aren’t getting faster and stronger, Chad will get it figured out.

He tells you what he wants you to work on and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Executing the movement is critical. So check your ego at the door. This isn’t about PRs but maximizing your potential and capabilities. The load is the least important element. Form and execution are critical to achieving the desired outcome.

An unanticipated bonus for me was a significant, possibly 30-40% drop, in body-fat percentage to 8.8% at a 200 lb body weight. I’ve always followed a clean diet, so the only new variable in my routine was Marr’s training regimen.

Neville Gallimore, Defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys, had a similar experience with a 21% drop in body fat percentage, going from 24% to 19% on a 6’2” 305 lb frame. Simply put, the program works.

I call Chad the muscle whisperer.

Don’t take my word for it. On any given day, depending on the particular professional sports league off-season, you’ll see a parade of professional and top college athletes, as well as high schoolers from the perennially top-ranked Southlake Carroll Dragons and athletes from the surrounding communities going through their routines, including my three sons. Marr Strength is the place to be for serious athletes looking for serious results to gain a competitive advantage and realize their potential.

Peruse this list of top Pro and College athletes. Though not comprehensive, it gives you a picture of the value & following of the Marr Strength program. These highly paid athletes could go anywhere, including their own team's strength and conditioning coaches. Where do they train during their off-season...? Marr Strength. One particularly telling data point is the Dallas Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch. Leighton entered the league in 2018. Three years later, in 2021, after working with Chad, he bettered all his combined times. That caught the attention of the Cowboys trainers, who called Chad to find out how he managed that dramatic improvement.

A sample of Marr’s clients;

  • Leighton Vander Esch with the Dallas Cowboys / Linebacker
  • Cody Whitehair with Chicago Bears / Linebacker
  • Akayleb Evans with the Minnesota Vikings / Cornerback 
  • Quinn Meinerz with the Denver Broncos / Guard
  •  Denzel Mims with the New York Jets / Receiver 
  • James Lynch with the Minnesota Vikings / D Tackle
  • Charles Leno Jr with the Washington Commanders / O Tackle
  • Neville Gallimore with the Dallas Cowboys / D Tackle
  • Osa Odighizwa with the Dallas Cowboys / D Tackle
  • Tylan Wallace with the Baltimore Ravens / KR
  • Noah Syndergaard with Cleveland, Philly, LA Dodgers, NY Mets / Pitcher
  • Ryan O'Hearn with the Baltimore Orioles / 1B-OF
  • Nicky Lopez with the Chicago White Sox / SS
  • Matt Andriesse with the LA Dodgers / Pitchers
  • Evan Alexander with the NY Yankees organization / OF
  • Cam Gallagher with the Kansas City Royals / Catcher
  • Quinn Ewers with University of Texas / QB
  • Byron Murphy with University of Texas / D-Tackle

Their jobs and paychecks depend on their bodies performing at their best. Who do they trust to make that happen? Chad Marr. 

And If you’re an old school meat head lifting kinda athlete, I'm pretty sure Chad can get you a respectable number. “Back in the day,” Chad threw up 315 for 20 on the incline bench and an impressive 500lbs on the bench.

Marr Strength......... If you can’t get better here... You’re not fixable. Buy some Lululemon & try Planet Fitness or Pilates!

CDR Mike Bussmann USN (Ret)

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